With the launch of our full operational website, due on or before the end of August, we will begin reporting on and editorialising features on a number of subjects immediately, including:

   Transportation, including automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and the new styles and designs of transport being conceptualized or near launch

   Aircraft, will be hosted as a separate subject from Transportation due to the large variety and number of new concepts and products on the market, and the closeness of launch of so many others in both the personal, delivery, and future passenger designs. In this way we can break down areas of interest

   Watercraft will also be a separate link and feature area as we have a lot to cover here from small personal craft through larger yachts, and to give us the ability to showcase commercial shipping concepts and cruise ship advancements

   Architecture, with a focus on efficient and advanced homes, offices, hotels, and all other forms of accomodating structures. One of our first features will be on the design of an entire marina and living development that would be entirely self-sustaining

   Generation, will include features on known alternatives such as wind and solar, the latest news on hyrdo and wave developments, advancements with experimentation on advanced concepts such as fusion studies, and also the latest in developments for personal creation, harvesting and storage of energy for individuals as newly available systems are available on the market

   Miscellaneous items will be featured in their own section. This will likely be of interest to most of our readers as we feature things such as varied as smaller generation equipment, flashlights, and even powered surfboards.








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