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To educate and inform

In 2017 Britain got more of its electrical power from wind than it did from nuclear for the first time ever. Holland now runs its commuter trains purely on power generated by wind. Egypt is opening its Benban Solar Complex in its western desert next year, and when open it will be the largest in the world.

I think that these sorts of progress are missed by most people, and they do not fully realize what is happening and what they are missing out on..

The worst part is I see the subject being politicized, which creates a further barrier to understanding the abilities and resources we are wasting, yet which we must eventually embrace and benefit from.

The New Energy Focus is intended to be my effort to conquer this lack of knowledge. While we will focus on the research, technology, and developments of energy we will also provide a readable and enlightening portal and digital magazine that will show more of the excitement of this new technology by showcasing some of the products that will appeal to people across a wide range of interests.

By using this method I feel I can start to break down some of the barriers, and biases, that surround the understanding of alternative energy and its use.

I hope you choose to help me in my endeavor, which I will really appreciate.

Thank you,

Mackenszi Gulbrantson




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